• How many models do you have? 916
  • How many photos do you have? Appx 523,100 with each girl having on average 2 sets of photos or more.
  • How many Photo Galleries do you have? Appx 2,883
  • Do you have Zip Files for the Photo Sets? Yes. All photo sets are available  as downloadable zips. They are conveniently located at the top of every Models Profile Page.
  • How many videos do you have? 1,102
  • What format are the videos in? Members area videos are in MP4 and with flash. Almost all videos are also downloadable on the right side of the video player. We are currently adding more formats including HTML 5
  • Will the movies play after my membership expires?
    Yes We do not have any type of DRM on the videos that prevents them from being played back after an expired membership. Fee free to watch them on your own computer for the rest of your life.
    (Note: Sharing or distributing with others or uploading to other websites is a violation of Federal Copyright laws punishable by law.
  • What are the lengths of the videos? In general our "Audition" videos can be anywhere from a minute or two to several minutes long. Solo, strip tease, masturbation, Girl / Girl, Boy /Girl videos are considered scenes and average around 30 minutes. Some more, some less.
  • Is there a limit on the amount of content I can download? Nope. However if you are trying to suck down the entire site in one day we might stop you and tell you to come back tomorrow. We would appreciate that you use the site like an actual human being without the use of bots or auto-downloaders.
  • Can I find this content anywhere else? Absolutely, positively NOT. If you do, we would love to hear about it so we can refer our lawyer to them! You may find some of the models on other websites however we are proud of the fact that many of our models did very little work for other websites and even some are 100% exclusive and only worked for us. Matt's Models has been producing exclusive material since 1999!
  • How often do you update?
    With our fresh 2016 re-launch our frequency of future updates will be posted soon. In the meantime take heart in the fact that we have 900+ models, 200,000+ photos in 2,849 galleries and 1049 videos
  • Once I cancel do I still have access?
    Yes, Once you cancel, your membership remains active until the last day of your billing cycle.